Overview of the Chat
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December 12th 2003 (11:03 AM PCT) : Updated the links at the bottom to make them display correctly (I hope). Only a little more work to do then I'm done for the time being. I have full plans to re-work this site at a later date, change and update somethings, as I learn how to play around with the net more.

December 12th 2003 (11:03 AM PCT) : Updated the Ship's History Section of the site, the Standing Orders section of the site, and added the Shipboard News Section. This new section is basically a summary of everything happening on board. More details can usually be found in the Tour section of the page.

December 12th 2003 (10:50 AM PCT) : The Wing section was updated today with information about Squadron Make-Up, CO's, XO's, and Squadron Patch Images (I adamently Maintain that is the coolest part of the site). The Squadrons listed are the Active Squadrons assigned aboard ship, and the ONLY active squadrons assigned on board.

December 12th 2003 (10:15 AM PCT) : There are now two links, one to News and one to Updates.

December 12th 2003 (9:48 AM PCT) : Been nearly a month, but the site is getting updated today. I fixed a bunch of cosemtic changes to the Orders and Wing pages. Also the image for the Wing (Which was previously assigned the designator CVA-775 instead of CVW-775) has been corrected, as has the one for the Diligent, which mistakingly say CAS-32, before we changed Era's to better suit the plot. I have more updates planned, including getting some of the links that have never worked before online. I want to finish the site in the next few weeks, so check back for updates. Also, the primary chatroom has been cleaned up, giving a face-lift, and is back running. Plot and Characters are in reset process, good time for new players to join or to make a new character if you feel so inclined.

September 2st 2003 (10:36 AM PCT) : For those of you who are curious, now at the bottom of the Intro page is a history of the WC chat, how it came to be, how it came back, and the site development too. It makes for some fascinating reading. Check it out.

September 2st 2003 (10:14 AM PCT) : The Standing Orders section was added to the site, with orders for both the TCS Diligent (CVE-32) and the embarked wing CVA-775. Bascially this is just copied code from the message board, edited around a bit.

September 1st 2003 (5:13 PM PCT) : The History Section got a huge update today, in fact, pending fixing some typos and adding in some character names it's done! That was probably the hardest section of the site to go through, so be happy! Also added the Overview link at the top for people who don't know anything about the chat.

August 26th 2003 (11:53 AM PCT) : Updated the Tour Section with the information from the JAG Investigation [Dec 12: No Longer Good]. Also included some information about some missions undertaken by the other pilots, so you can see where the Kill board [Dec 12: No Longer Good] stats come from.

August 26th 2003 (11:42 AM PCT) : Updated the Roster Section with probably a dozen or so new names. We've got a lot more pilots now, and some ships crew to fill it out with. Expect frequent updates to his section. Most of these characters are NPC's, so you have names to attach to certain officers. Some of them will be played from time to time, most of them will also be posting on the board regularly to keep the plot moving right along.

July 22th 2003 (3:57 PM PCT) : Updated the Wing Section to include the squadron patch for Void's squadron, added some information about the other squadrons as well. That image has now been hosted through the SolSector.com server (everything used for the chat or this site has been consolidated on this one server to limit hot linking, if anyone needs images for the chat hosted let me know)[Dec 12: This has been changed]. I forgot to mention the fighters have been changed to suit the new timeline. This is the first of many many corrections that will be necessary to preserve out continuity.

July 22th 2003 (11:55 AM PCT) : Corrected some mistakes on the Personnel Roster (including the addition of Void's name).

July 21th 2003 (7:33 PM PCT) : Added a new NPC and NPC Group, Mechanics Group BA-5476. The NPC in question is head of all fighter repairs on the ship, as well as doing a fair amount of service on the ship itself.

July 20th 2003 (1:09 AM PCT) : Updated the text size on the Tour Summary page to be more in line with the rest of the site. I'm not sure about the TCS Diligent's history or I would have it finished by now.

July 18th 2003 (11:45 PM PCT) : The layout for the Ships History section has been laid out and uploaded. No data yet, this section might take awhile as I'd like to keep it as canon as possible.

July 18th 2003 (10:49 PM PCT) : The place holding file is gone, the permanent version is up. Lacking one Squadron patch. If any more pilots join they will be listed with their appropriate squadrons. Two NPC Pilots were added to the shuttle squadron, in addition "Chuckles" and "Regs" are sort of NPC's, but they will be played every now and then.

July 18th 2003 (5:44 PM PCT) : I went to work on the Wing Section. I hope to finish it soon. A place holding file with an example of what it's going to look like has been added.

July 18th 2003 (5:09 PM PCT) : The Roster Section is finished. A new NPC was added, the ships communication officer.

July 18th 2003 (3:05 PM PCT) : I spent the last ten minutes adjusting the spacing at the bottom of the page for the links to the outside sites and the News/Updates page. Look at it. It looks pretty. It had better, I wasted ten minutes of my life on that.

July 18th 2003 (2:55 PM PCT) : Added a little link in the bottom to the News/Updates page, those other links are there to provide some publicity for our hoster and their affiliated server, the Wing Commander CIC. This site contains a wealth of information on the Wing Commander universe.

July 18th 2003 (2:48 PM PCT) : Started work on the Roster Section. I decided to run right down the list on the navbar doing one page at a time until the site is finished, I hope to finish the Roster Section later today. 

July 18th 2003 (1:24 PM PCT) : Tour section has been updated and is finished for the moment. This page will receive periodic updates (when I feel like it) as events in the RPG so dictate. 

July 18th 2003 (11:59 AM PCT) : Fixed a little HTML error at the bottom of the page that kept my email address from being displayed, and updated this. I'm tired, don't know why, may not being anymore updates today.

July 17th 2003 (9:19 PM PCT) : The Tour Section was given a partial update. I'm using FrontPage to ease the HTML code strain on myself, so ignore the random gibberish.

July 17th 2003 (7:15 PM PCT) : The site framework (literally, since I'm using HTML and this is all frames) has been laid out, and the layout map for the site has been prepared. Everyone thank Wraith for helping decide how this was all to fit together.
The intro page is now done, the navbar works, and the links have all be set up properly with the frames. I hope to do some more work later.

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