Overview of the Chat
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This website exists to provide some general data and background information on the RPG that takes place in the WCRPG Chatroom (Not a Java or IRC chat. It's PHP, loads in any standard browser).

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It's for members and non-members alike (the Enlistment section of the page includes details on how to join) and serves also as a touching stone to provide updates and information about the RPG to the people who use it.

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Read on, and enjoy!

Just a brief history of this RPG...the first generation chat was just a project of mine after I bought and played WC3, and got addicted to it. Sphinx played a pilot there, so did Sidewinder. And we had someone named Cloak, who was invaluable at assiting me with images and icons for the chat. We didn't really know what we were doing, and with the exception of Arrows/Sphinx, none of us knew to much about Wing Commander.
So I read the End Run book...and I had to bring back the WC chat again. I needed it, it was thrilling. And I did! Even continued the same campaign we had been on in the last chat...if only it were that simple.
This time, Aaron/Outlander/Vince played a huge hand in the role of the chat, and we had a falling out. A new WC chat was created (For those of you counting this is now version 4) for me and the "loyal" followers to RP at. We lost some pilots (and I lost some friends) over the switch, after throughly trashing Vince's chat.
The chat died out eventually, most of them do, and so I let it sit. A year or so ago I thought to bring it back, just after Sphinx/Arrows left my life for a while, and while I was cut off from most of my friends. So I remade the chat, set it all up...and forgot about it. It might as well have not existed.
A few months ago I decided to make a stab at it again. I found one of the older chats that was still around, and with my new found interest in Secret Ops and the downloadable Academy Episodes, was hooked on Wing Commander. I bought the rest of the novels, and every book I could find on Naval Aviation. I recruited everybody I could in an effort to make the WC Chat stick and last. We're now on Version 6.5 of the chat. I say .5 because this one has gone through numerous rivisions and plans before settling into it's current state, where I hope it'll stay for a while.
The latest version happens to be the best, and the most complete. We've had a website before. This is the 4th differant design, the third to follow the same theme, but by far the most dynamic and complex. Complete with images supplied by Wraith of the ships comissioning pennant, and squadron patches. So there's the neat little history of the WC Chat, and all it's been through. Very little still remains of the original, my Character, Speck, does. His profile chronicles the adventures we had in the chat. Also the banner, and the icons. Most of the icons are still the same, the WC Specific ones at least. Anyway, that was my blurb. Don't waste your time down here, go see our pretty site.

Yes, our pretty site. This site dosen't belong to me, it belongs to the men and women of the TCS Diligent (CVE-32) and CVW-775.

Created by Jason Silla