Overview of the Chat
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December 12th 2003 (10:15 AM PCT) : There are now two links, one to News and one to Updates.

December 12th 2003 (10:06 AM PCT) : This is actually news and not an update. The chat has been reset. Anyone wanting old characters can have them. Ranks, Squadrons, and Positions ARE and WILL be adjusted, so do not expect to get exactly what you had before. Also, the image I use in the chat is saved on my comp is PSD Format, I'm happy to produce and host an image for any pilot who requests an image like mine. I even have six differant shots of the pilot head at differant angles, so they all don't look the same. IM me (CVE26 Sangamon) for question registration and more info.

July 22th 2003 (11:55 AM PCT) : At the moment I'm battling some serious continuity errors with the plot and the technology we're using...which is holding up the development of the ship's History Page (if you don't already know, I'm building this page in the order the links appear on the side navbar so a hold up in one section holds up the entire page).

July 21th 2003 (7:33 PM PCT) : Added a new NPC and NPC Group, Mechanics Group BA-5476. The NPC in question is head of all fighter repairs on the ship, as well as doing a fair amount of service on the ship itself.

July 18th 2003 (2:55 PM PCT) : The links in the bottom are to provide some publicity for our hoster and their affiliated server, the Wing Commander CIC. This site contains a wealth of information on the Wing Commander universe.

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