Standing Orders (CVW)
Wing Commander
12:00pm, December 12
All Carrier Attack Wing (CVA) Personnel:

Recon and Patrol on Double-Time. To handle this increase in pressure, VT-331 will be handling half of the Recon/Patrol missions. VF-991 is assigned to the Alert 5 and Alert 30 Positions, VFC-101 is stood down, as usual. VAQ-97 is operating under special instructions (An SWACs capable Thunderbolt will be made available to the Patrol Squadrons for their use). VC-668 is also stood down.

That is all.

-Wing Commander

Standing Orders CVBG-532
Ships Commanding Officer
December 12
CVE-32 (TCS Diligent):

You are hereby charged with providing forward patrol and recon
flights for the remaining Enigma Sector Forces. Until your Wing
situation is resolved, CVW-774 Will continue to operate on board.
Traffic Control duties are hereby passed to the TCS Fitzgerald.

-Ships Commanding Officer