Ships History

  1. Commissioning
  2. Shake Down Cruise
  3. First Work Up Cycle
  4. 1st Patrol Deployment : 1st Tour of Duty
  5. 1st Patrol Deployment : 2nd Tour of Duty
  6. First Refit/Repair
  7. Second Work Up Cycle


( Ships Commissioning Pennant )

The hull for Light Escort Carrier (CVE) 32 was laid down on 2668.020 at the Speradon Confederation Shipyards. On 2668.31 she was officially named the TCS Diligent (CVE32). On 2669.113 the ship was officially commissioned with that name, and she left dry-dock for the first time, supplied with power by a docked tender, and using her maneuvering thrusters. The Primary Reactor was installed on the ship on 2779.231, followed by the ships main computer being brought online 2670.023. This denotes the first log entry into the ships records.

On 2670.157 the Diligent's Primary Reactor was brought online and to full power for the first time, and the ship was under it's own power for the first time. She left her dock on 2671.003 for Engine Tests, the first time she was ever maneuvering under her own power. Her jump reactor was installed shortly after, and Jump Engine Tests began on 2671.003.

Once her jump Engine was Operational, the Diligent was deployed on her Shake Down Cruise.

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Shake Down Cruise

The Diligent was deployed on her shake down cruise on 2671.176, she returned to the Speradon Shipyards to dock on 2671.320, when her Secondary Reactor was installed to provide additional power. After she was launched again, Catapult and Recovery Beam tests were completed, and the ship returned to the station at the end of it's Shake Down Cruise on 2672.122.

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First Work Up Cycle

On 2672.122 the Ship's Crew was granted three days leave, they returned to duty 2672.125, and began preparations for their first Combat Patrol Deployment.

CVW-775 was transferred on board on 2672.156, and two days later (2672.158) Flight Operations began on board for the first time. On 2672.160, the same day the Second Kilrathi War began, the Diligent and her attached flight wing (CVW-775) were sent to de-mine the Speradon/Racene jump point, the first time Combat Operations were conducted on board the ship.

After the success of the operation the Diligent returned to the Speradon Shipyards to finish loading the munitions for the fighter wing. They left Speradon Shipyards on 1672.178, and entered Racene System through the Speradon jump point on 2672.179, under combat conditions. 

On 2672.180 the first log entry was made by the Captain, indicating that the Diligent's first Deployment/Tour of Duty had begun.

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First Deployment : 1st Tour of Duty

2672.190 - First Deployment Begins; First Offensive Action against the Ninth Kilrathi Empire.
2672.195 - Ships is attacked by a Kilrathi Stealth Squadron conducting Guerilla Operations in the Racene System from a hidden base.
2672.231 - A transport convoy supporting the base is attacked, 4 Heavy Fighters and 6 Transports are eliminated.
2672.300 - The Kilrathi Stealth Base is located and eliminated through the quick actions of the ships currently embarked Patrol Squadron.
2672.360 - 4 Corvettes and 2 Squadrons of fighters engaged the Diligent and her Battle Group, the Corvettes and all but a handful of the fighters are eliminated.
2672.360 - Fleet Tender arrives to resupply the battle group, ending the Diligent's first Tour of Duty.
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First Deployment : 2nd Tour of Duty

2673.092 - Kilrathi Carrier Group encountered, 1 cruiser and 1 destroyer from the Kilrathi battlegroup are eliminated, but 2 destroyers escorting the Diligent are lost to enemy fighters..
2673.099 - The last destroyer escorting the Diligent falls prey to mines and ambushing Kilrathi fighters. The Diligent's fighter squadron scrambles and manages to destroy the Kilrathi mine-laying corvette. The Diligent battlegroup consists of just the Diligent and one cruiser for escort.
2673.115 - Based on intelligence gained from the ships's patrol squadron, the bomber group sorties from the Diligent and catches a Kilrathi cruiser while it's re-fueling, eliminating the enemy ship.
2673.120 - The cruiser escorting the Diligent is destroyed, fighting a delaying action so that the Diligent's fighters could re-arm.
2673.131 - In the morning the Diligent scrambles a heavy patrol, and manages to eliminate the last two destroyers escorting the Kilrathi Carrier. Later that day, the Kilrathi Carrier attacks the Diligent, but the Diligent's flight wing manages to eliminate the carrier before it can get in range.
2673.133 - The Diligent, badly damaged but with most of her fighters intacted limps into the Speradon Shipyards.
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First Refit/Repair

2673.133 - The Diligent, badly damaged but with most of her fighters intacted limps into the Speradon Shipyards.
2673.136 - The Diligent is transferred to Enigma to receive additional supplies and munitions.
2673.145 - The Diligent arrives at the Enigma Fleet Base, and completes her final outfitting.
2673.149 - The Diligent is deployed for her second Work Up Cycle.
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Second Work Up Cycle

2673.157 - Ship Enters Second Deployment.

For more details please see the ships Tour section.

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