Ships Crew

Commander (O6) Sulis Grand
Ships Executive Officer
Sulis served on cruisers prior to his transfer to the TCS Diligent (CVE-32) and has no working knowledge of Carriers. He was transferred on board to serve his required Executive Officer position before he transfers back to his Cruiser to serve as the ships Commanding Officer.

First Lieutenant (O4) Lisa "Spunky" Stollins
Ships Communication Officer
This is Stollins first TOD. Prior to her assignment to the TCS Diligent (CVE-32) she received a Doctorate in Communications Theory, and pioneered several advances in Terran Cryptography.

Second Lieutenant (03) Bitoo Yufi
Ships Intelligence Officer
Yufi is part of the original TCS Diligent (CVE-32) crew. He heads up the Intelligence division on board, and usually can't be found.

JAG Officers

Rear Admiral (O9)  "Holmes"
JAG Commanding Officer
Holmes has been assigned to the TCS Diligent (CVE-32) to serve as the Commanding JAG Officer for all the battle groups Criminal Prosecution needs.

Lieutenant Commander (05) Harmon Rabb
JAG/NCIS Coordinator
Rabb was transferred on board to represent the NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigation Service) in specific regard to how the JAG Investigations were undertaken. He is considered a liaison from JAG to the NCIS. Rabb was a fighter pilot prior to an accident that led to his transfer to JAG.

Deceased Ship Personnel

Captain (O7) Jason Ryock
Ships Commanding Officer

Active Wing Personnel

Colonel (O6) Jason "Speck" Silla
Wing Commander (CO CVA-775; CO VF-991 "Vipers")
Jason Silla is a veteran from the Kilrathi wars. He has 15 TOD's experience, several degrees, and in addition to commanding the wing also commands one of the two Fighter Squadrons ( VF-991 "Vipers" ) embarked aboard the TCS Diligent (CVE-32).

Lieutenant Colonel (O5) "Sidewinder"
Wing Executive Officer (XO CVA-775; CO VC-668 "Berserkers")
Sidewinder has served primarily in Special Operations and Black projects until now. It is known that he has had some participation in the Kilrathi War, and that he served with Jason "Speck" Silla before his assignment to the TCS Diligent (CVE-32).

Lieutenant Colonel (O5) Jackie "Wraith" Keris
(CO VQ-702 "Spectres")
When Wraith arrived she was immediately granted a promotion to Major as she was needed to command the recon/patrol squad. After demonstrating exemplary command potential, and assisting the Wing Commander with a number of duties, she was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

Major (O4) Jace "Void" Starwind
(CO VF-896)
Void was transferred on board as part of the original staff attached to CVA-775.

Major (O4) Franko "Chuckles" Smiley
(CO VAQ-87 "Wild Weasels")
Chuckles was transferred on board the ship to supplement CVA-775 with his "Wild Weasel" squadron. Chuckles worked closely with Confed Naval Forces to develop the tactics and techniques required to operate a Wild Weasel Squadron successfully.

Captain (O3) Samantha "Sweeps" Drake
(XO VAQ-87 "Wild Weasels")
When Sweeps arrived on board she bumped Regs from his XO position to assume the XO position of the squad. She has a degree in Radiological Theory and has helped develop Electronic Warfare Tactics for the Confederation Forces.

Captain (O3) Cassidy "Angel" Shear
Wing Morale Officer (XO VF-991 "Vipers")
Angel was transferred on board fresh from the Academy, having graduated with Honors. She was immediately assigned to CVA-775 as an Executive Officer due to the need for higher ranked officers and her potential for filling a command role expertly.

First Lieutenant (O2) Sabet "Amadeus" Veilchen
(VQ-702 "Spectres")
Amadeus was transferred on board as a last resort to keep her in a flying position before she is dishonorably discharged from the military. Despite being quite literally insane, she is an excellent pilot.

Second Lieutenant (O1) Jerraod "Regs" Ferizone
Squadron Weapons/Tactics Officer (VAQ-87 "Wild Weasels")
Regs was assigned to operate CVA-775's "Wild Weasel" squadron. When Chuckles came aboard he was booted to Executive Officer over the senior officers experience.

Second Lieutenant (O1)  David "Wicked" Thompson
(VQ-702 "Spectres")
Wicked arrived on board following the destruction of the Enigma fleet headquarters, prior to that he was nearly fresh from the academy.

Deceased Wing Personnel

Second Lieutenant (O1) Mikal "Cowboy" Rozanoff
(VQ-702 "Spectres")
Second Lieutenant (O1) Sarah "Angel" Tomaha
(VF-991 "Vipers")

Support Personnel

Commander (O6) Isis "Sphinx" Tamray

Wing Chief Mechanics Officer
Sphinx transfered on board recently to supplement the mechanics division, specifically to crew the Wing Commanders personal fighter as his Chief Mechanic. She helps out with all repairs on board, specializing with Confederation Fighters.

Chief Master Seargent (E9) Steve "Shocks" Gray
Ships Chief Mechanics Officer
Steve Gray is a veteran from the Kilrathi wars. No one is sure how old he is, but one thing is for certain: he knows more about repairing Confederation ships then anyone else on the ship.