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Shown above is a typical Deployment cycle for an Escort-Class Carrier.


Work Up Cycle


The TCS Diligent entered this period five months ago on her deployment. During this time a new Carrier Air Wing was rotated on board, CVA-775.

Following completion of his Advanced Officers Training Course Jason "Speck" Silla also transferred on board to act as Wing Commander. During this time the TCS Diligent was operating in the Gwynedd System to provide a show of force for the Kilrathi build up in Ghorah Khar.

During the very beginning of their work up cycle, the TCS Diligent encountered a patrol from a Kilrathi Carrier. Shortly after all contact was lost with a nearby planet, and the TCS Diligent was ordered to jump out of the system at her earliest convenience to avoid detection by the unknown enemy forces in the area.

The Captain (being in-experienced) jumped his ship into the Muspelheim system, a system with only two jump points: one back to Gwynedd, which is now believed to be in Kilrathi Control, and the other leading to K'arakh, a Kilrathi System since before the war.



The TCS Diligent officially entered her 12 month deployment period and started her first TOD for this Patrol immediately after entering the Muspelheim system.

During a routine forward Scout/Patrol Mission, Major "Wraith" and "Cowboy" encountered two Darket light fighters escorting a Kilrathi Corvette. Before a decision could be made or passed along, 4 Strakha stealth fighters launched an attack. All of the Strakhas were eventually accounted for, along with one of the Darkets, and the Corvette was damaged. In the process, "Cowboy" and his arrow fighter were destroyed.

Colonel Jason Silla, while on patrol, stumbled across a transport being escorted by six fighters. He pounced on the convoy, after sending his Wingman back to the ship, and destroyed all six of the fighters, and the transport in a stunning display of superior fighter tactics.

Following dinner with a Mechanics Officer (Sphinx) Captain Ryock issued charges against the Commander. The Wing Commander, motivated by prior knowledge of the Captain, was found later that evening in the Captain's quarters, with the Captain and his Steward both dead from gunshot wounds. A JAG investigation is underway, assisted by the NCIS Liaison on board the ship.

Pending the results of the investigation, Lieutenant Colonel Jackie "Wraith" Keris has been placed in Command of CVA-775.

The resulting JAG Investigation cleared Jason "Speck" Silla on all charges and Specifications and returned him to duty. Following this even a Kilrathi Task Force was detected attempting to sneak through the now exposed Enigma Sector to raid the inner worlds.

Before any action could be taken, orders were received transferring Jason "Speck" Silla off the ship, to return to Earth. En Route to Confederation Military Command, his shuttle was ambushed. The investigative team discovered remains consistant with those of the former Wing Commander, and he was officially pronoucned dead.

In order to keep the ship combat ready, a new Wing Commander was dispatched immediatly to the ship. Lt. Col. Arrows served previously with the former WC earlier in the war. Along with Arrows, Sec. Liet. James "Charmer" Conwei was rotated on board to replace a lost pilot, along with Intelligence Colonel Richard "Donuts" Donovon. Immediatly after the new Wing Commander assumed command, Major Cassidy "Angel" Shear (Who is presumed to have been invovled in some action with the now deceased Jason Silla) was invovled in an unspecified incident with Alcohol and an accidently firearm discharge. No charges were filed. In the resulting action, the ships Fighter Wing took 45% casualties, and managed to limp back into the Speardon shipyards.

Currently CVW-775 is being given short leave while it's pilots are being augmented with new recruits. Weather this wing is assigned once more to the TCS Diligent remains to be seen.



(Has not yet begun)